I'm ready!

My humans are a little on edge this week.  They're waiting for an offer on the house.  Hope this one will be the one!  Because as soon as the house is sold, we are leaving!  Keeping my paws crossed!

In the mean time, we continue to prepare our trip on the roads and I, for myself, have a lot to think about.  My bag is ready - bringing my cushion, my toys, my bandanas, leash, ... - and i had my visit to the vet to get all the shots i need for this trip.  The vet was very nice and he didn't really hurt me.  Well, maybe just a little but i didn't mind, that was for the good cause!

my ears are clean, now leave me alone!

Hey!  Not in my butt!!!

I also mapped out where all my north american friends live, because i made a deal with mum & dad.  Everytime we'll enter a state or a province where i have a friend, we will visit!   At this rate, we'll visit all the states and provinces!

Seriously, the house is almost empty - which feels kinda weird -, my humans already put many things in storage, they made their choice regarding the RV we'll be living in and now, they're just waiting after the potential buyer.  If all goes right, we might be leaving sooner than we think!!!  Isn't it exciting?!

Ok, maybe not that exciting for me, because they're so stressed out that they sometimes forget to give me treats, they talk all night long and don't cuddle with me as often as they used to, they're always on the phone talking to other humans about the house, ...  Hello! I'm here, remember me?  Lulu?

Oh well, i may be a diva but i won't act like one.  I'll let them deal with that human stuff.  Too complicated for me...

I have only one request for all my anipals.  Could you please, please, keep your paws crossed for me and my humans?

Thanx guys! I luv you!  Can't wait to see you on the road!

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  1. Oh Lulu I am so excited for you! Its really going to happen! Do you have an itinerary or is it just where the road takes you? I hope you come to Chicago its a beautiful city and a great place for dogs! Love Dolly