So, what's up Dude?

Nothing much, really.  Been licking my paws a lot lately.  Not that my life is boring but, you know, when you've got no tail, you've gotta find something to amuse yourself.  So, i lick my paws.  And chew on my friend kermitt, a fluffy thing i got for Christmas.

Last night, i was relaxing with Dad on the couch when i heard Mum talk about New Year's resolutions.  I listened more carefully, curious to know what resolutions she might take for 2013...

1. She wants to be more organized.

That's IT??!!  I think my Mum has some priorities issues...

Ok, so if humans can take resolutions for the new year, what about me?  I tought about it for 5 minutes and i came up with this list:

1. Stop being so dramatic.  I can be a drama queen when it comes to treats.
2. Stop chewing on dirty socks.  It gives me bad breath.
3. Drink a beer a day to keep the vet away.
4. Better train my humans.  Hardest one, really, they are so messy...
5. Convince my humans that i need a bro or a sis.  A pug?  Boston Terrier? Chihuahua?  Any midget breed will do, except Yorkies.  These lil things are so annoying!

Dogs' priorities in life are so much more important!  Humans should learn from us, really.

So here's to 2013!  It's gonna be a great year, probably the best of my life!


  1. You rock! Females rules! Luv you!


    1. Hi Marge! Girl power! or i should say Rottie Power! Thanx!