Answering Fan Mail

Yes, believe it or not, i do receive a lot of fan mail!  Look at that face! I'm such a cute, sweet, loving, adorable, awesome doggie!

For the last 2 years, i've been blogging on my humans' blog.  I've ended up having a bunch of fans, asking me lots of questions about my life in general.  Now that i have my own space, it'll be much more easier to answer their questions.

1. Are you really a Rottweiler?
No, i'm a poodle... OF COURSE, i'm a Rottie!  Duh...

2. You're a travelling dog, you must speak many languages?
You're kidding, right?  I don't speak any languages, i'm a dog, hello!  But i do understand french,english, italian, spanish and german.

3. On your pics, you look really big. How much do you weigh?
A lady wouldn't normally answer that question but i'll do you a favor.  *whispering* 125,4 lbs.  Not bad for a female.

4. Do you plan on travelling for a long time?
4 more years before i retire.  If i'm lucky enough to live that long...

5. Do you have a boyfriend?
Fans are so curious! What about my private life??  Yes, my doggie boyfriend is Tank the Boxer, we met on Twitter.

6. Have you ever been scared of something?
My first time at the beach was scary as hell!  First, these signs warning people about recent sharks seeings (!!) and then, this enormous seal with which i came face to face in the ocean! I ran out of the water like crazy!

7. Do you have a nickname?
My nickname is Dude, and on Twitter, my nickname is Evil Lulu ( #evillulu ) because i luv to tease my friends!

8. Favorite treats?
Cheese, Mini Wheats and Oven Baked Tradition liver treats.  OBT is my sponsor.

9. Any bro or sis?
I had a sister, Maya, a german sheperd, but she went OTRB 2 years ago... I also have a human sis and a human bro.

10. Are you really a famous dog?
What do you think?? (silly fan, pfff...)

Ok, that's it with fan mail.  You're boring me...


Just kidding!! I luv receiving fan mail, please, keep sending!

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