Doggie Photoshoot!!

A few weeks ago, i was tweeting with a friend of mine who's looking for a photographer to help him build his portfolio.  This friend is a well know dog in the UK as he entered the Top Dog Model competition last year.

I told him that for his first official pictures, he doesn't really need to hire a pro, as long as his humans have a good camera and time on their hands.  Because taking pics of a dog can be time consuming!

My mum does a great job with her camera and she taught me a few tricks to be sure that i would behave during a photoshoot.  So i thought i would share them with you guys, in case your humans decide to take "pro like" pics of you!  They might not send them to an agent or a magazine, but at least they'll have beautiful pics of you to hang on the walls!

First of all, it's much more easier to take pics of us dogs after our meal or after a walkie.  We are calm and we tend to be a little lazy, so that helps a lot when humans want us to stay still.  Also, try to take pics in a safe and quiet environment.  If it's too busy, too loud, with lots of humans, or dogs - or cats! - your humans will have a hard time!  Tell your humans that you need clear command or you'll be all messed up and the pics will look weird!  I had a lot of fails, believe me!

Your humans have to prepare the settings first!  We don't like waiting, doing nothing, while humans prepare all the stuff they want in the pics, like cushions, toys, flowers, blankies, ...  Please humans, be prepared!!  And please, if you want to dress us for the pics, do it at the last minute!  We may get dirty while waiting...

Lighting is important too.  Best time of the day to take our pics outside is an hour or two before sunset.  It will give us a nice glow because of indirect light.  It works anytime of the year, summer or winter.  But if your humans want to take pics in the woods, they must do it when the sun is at its highest point, around noon.  The rays will go down between the trees and pics will look amazing!

Don't forget that the background is also very important! And tell them to find one that will suit your fur color!

Last but not least, treats!  Tell your humans that a little reward after all that hard work is always appreciated!

Ok, to give you an idea on how those pics could come out if your humans try mum's advice, here's a look at some pics i have in my portfolio...

A last note for your humans.  If they want to build a real professional portfolio, they need to have full body pics, 3/4 ones, just your face, as many as possible in different settings or while performing a particular trick, and black and white pics too.  Both studio and outside pics are good.  If you're serious about it and want to send your pics to agencies, don't forget to take some with humans too!

I'm not a pro and the pics are just for my own use.  But i like beautiful pics of me.  Kinda makes me fell like a star!

It's not easy to be a model, but it's a lot of fun!  Think about the treats guys!


  1. Lulu you big beautiful girl! Thanks for the great advice because this is exactly what mom is trying to do, take great pictures of me, she is even learning how to use dad's fancy camera. Watch out for my pics on my blog! Love Dolly

    1. Wouhou!! Can't wait to see those pics! And try dramatic ones, that's what i'll try next with mum, you know, black background, ... could be very interesting!
      luv you sisfur!