We want details!

me on my first camping trip!
Of course you do!

So here are some insights on my upcoming RTW trip with my pawrents.  My Twitter friends were asking me about it, so i tought it would be a good idea to share the highlights of that trip.

We will be leaving soon for a 3-4 years trip around the world, starting in North America in a motorhome.  That will be my new house for the next year or two.  I'll still have my toys with me, don't worry!  We will travel across Canada and the United States and then, we will cross the big pond to travel in Europe.  I think Mum wants to go to Asia too, but i don't know if i want to.  You know what they eat there, don't you?  Everybody will look at me with hungry eyes!  We'll have to talk about it...

Anyway, my plan while travelling is to meet as many people as i can, discover new places and live the adventures of a dog's lifetime!  Hiking in the Grand Canyon, swimming in the ocean, see the buffalos in Yellowstone, run on a glacier in Alaska, ... The works!

I will share my adventures with you pals, here on my blog, but also on FB and Twitter.  My humans friends asked me to write a book or two about it so i will.  And i hope to publish a book with pics!  Me in front of the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, near Dracula's castle in Romania, ...  that will be sooooo pawsome!

By the way, i have a sponsor.  They tought it was very unusual to see a Rottweiler travel the world and write about it so the decided to help me by giving me free food! And let me tell you, this food is very very good!  Tammy, from Oven Baked Tradition, takes good care of me and i luv her very much!

Unfortunatly, there are some places i won't be able to visit because i'm a Rottweiler.

Some countries don't want me to cross their borders - i guess they think i could steal secrets from them - and some others want me to stay in quarantine for ever!  I mean, i would have luv to visit Australia and my friend Dakota, but i'll have to stay in quarantine for 3 months!!! No way!  There are also islands i can't visit, because they are, well, islands.  People there are afraid that i might bring deseases in my bag.  Hello! I'm a very healthy dog!  But you don't discuss with the customs, you do what you're told.  So i guess i won't be able to sunbath in Hawai...

Up til now, i already visited a few states and parts of Quebec.  My favorite place so far was in Maine, a lil town called Bar Harbor.  It's very pet-friendly and the people there are so nice to doggies, i couldn't belive it!  I also liked hanging out in Cape Cod and I was very impressed by the bridge in Boston! Wow!

Hum, if you're nice, maybe i'll tell you all about it in another post!


  1. Awesome!!! That will be great! Love your pics too! You're so bigggg!

    1. Hi Jane! Thanx for coming by! I can't wait to share my adventures with you guys! It will be pawsome!