Relaxing in PA Dutch County

Sometimes we do need a break from the road.  I do!  So my parents and i decided to spend a few days in Pennsylvania Dutch County.

We crossed New York State in a rush, taking just a few minutes here and there to enjoy the scenery.  The highlight of the day was when Mum and Dad had lunch with 3 players from the New York Jets!  We were at Wendy's - well, they were, i was locked in the RV... - and the players were there, so they talked and took some pics with them.  See, the Jets training camp is in Cortland NY, and we just happened to be there!  That was really cool!

So, we drove to Lancaster, PA, and finally arrived in a Walmart parking lot around midnight.  A lil bit of drama here...  Dad and Mum missed a turn so dad, who was driving, had to turn around in another parking lot and he drove over a big bump! All the doors in the RV opened and everything broke! There were cans and glass pieces all over the floor, i even received a bottle of water on the head!  Needless to say that they were both angry, frustrated, tired, stressed out, ...  They cleaned their mess - for once, i didn't do anything - and we went to bed at one in the morning.

Thank dog, our first day in Amish land was peaceful and quiet.  We drove around on small country roads, took pictures, talked with the locals and went to a nice little campground in Intercourse, just beside an Amish farm.

I must say that the Amish people are very friendly.  They wave at us and smile when we cross their path.  The children are always giggling when they see me!  And the best part is that i can smell their horses all the time!  I was also very surprised to learn that there are 2 "kinds" of Amish.  The ones using non-electrical machineries and living off the land are Amish.  The ones using some electrical devices and doing more business with the tourists are Mennonites.  Well, that's what a lady told mum.

There is so much to say about this wonderful place they call Farmland, that i'll post another story in a few days!

Take care!

Dog at work!

Just because i have been silent for a while, doesn’t mean i was on vacation!

First of all, let me explain how things are around here.  My parents don’t have a phone.  Don’t laugh at them!  They’re just... Old fashioned.  Of course, they have a computer but finding Internet on the road is like running in a battlefield!  Imagine driving in a new city, in a 23 feet long RV, not knowing where the McDonald is, finally finding the place and guess what?  No place to park the RV!!!  So you drive around the block at least 4 times, waiting for a few cars to leave and then, you run in the restaurant to connect your computer to the WiFi.  Naturally, mum is mad as (bip) because there is no outlet to plug her computer, so she has to wait until dad is finished to borrow his.  When she finally has her turn, the connexion dies...

Of course, they could work in the RV, writing their posts ahead of time and just copy and paste them when connected.  But they need electricity.  And the generator is, well, kind of... Dead.  So they have to wait until they find a campground with electricity AND WiFi...

That’s why i was quiet for a while.

Then, back in Quebec, they fixed the generator and they decided to buy a WiFi device for the RV.  Which was a good idea, until they realized that they can only use this... In Canada!  And we spend most of our time in the US!

Back to square one.  Finding a McDonald near by.

So if i’m not writing as often as i‘d like, or if you talk with me on Twitter and i suddenly disappear, that’s because we’re driving around, looking for a McDonald.  Or because we had a power failure.  Or we just crossed the border.

(By the way, the wedding was really beautiful, the bride was georgous, my cousin was very handsome and the caterer gave me some veal.  Mum cried - of course - and needed two days to recover from the party...)

Open spaces

As you all know by now, i’m back in Quebec for my mum’s godson’s wedding in 3 days.  Although i like my hometown very much, i can’t help but think about all the beautiful places i’ve seen so far.  Especially in Maine.

The open spaces, the rugged coast line, the deep woods, the lakes, the mountains.  Running on beaches, fresh air, smells of the wild life.  That made me feel alive.

Lots of people said that i was a lucky dog.  I’m not lucky, i’m privileged to have parents who decided that i was part of the team and that in no way they would have done this road trip without me.  I’m very grateful.

I leave you today with some pictures taken in Maine.  I was very impressed by Rangeley Lake, which is at an altitude of 1750 feet.  Small planes fly at 2000 feet...  I also loved the small towns, their farmers markets, their friendly welcome.  Bangor - just to name this one - is a friendly city, but you can feel the community spirit that bounds people together in small towns and that made me feel good.  

For once, i was not a Rottweiler.  I was just another dog. 

The beautiful coast of Maine

In Southeast Harbor

With mum...

Farmers Market in Skohegan

Farmers Market

Rangeley Lake

At Rangeley Lake

Near the border

Bar Harbor, Maine

Yes folks, i'm in Bar Harbor!

I was supposed to stay longer in New-Brunswick but my parents decided to drive away from the crowded beaches and head for a more peaceful place.  We've been to Bar Harbor a few times, it wasn't too far from where we were, so the choice was obvious for them.  I didn't complain because this town is very dog friendly!

So here i am, walking down Main Street, sniffing at all the goodies people leave for doggies at their doorstep, and shopping at my favorite store, Bark Harbor.  I also played ball in the park and a nice lady even gave me treats!

on Main Street with dad

He is cute, isn't he?!

My favorite store, Bark Harbor!

I saw a Ghost Ship!!!!

We'll spend 3 days here, before going back to my granny's house for my cousin's wedding on July the 20th.  It'll give us time to plan ahead because after the wedding, we'll be on the road again.

No, i'm not telling you where we're going, it's a surprise!  But the pictures will take your breath away so stay tuned!

Love you all!

On the road again!

My last day in Caraquet.  We're leaving this afternoon, going to Shediac, near Moncton (New Brunswick).  Dad wants to go to the Lobster Fest and i want to see the giant lobster downtown!

If you want to know where we are and where we're going, here's a map showing you point A (Caraquet) and point B (Shediac)

View Larger Map

I really had a great time there!

See you soon!

Did you say YAKS?!?!

Guys, if you ever visit Bonaventure, you have to see the yak farm!  This place is awesome!  I spent 24 hours there and i loved it!

When we arrived at the farm, my parents met the owners while i stayed in the RV, because their dogs were outside.  For the first time in my life, i think i was the smallest of the pack!  The RV was surrounded by a Cane Corso, a Great Dane, an italian Mastiff and a Pit/Hound mix.  Oh my dog...

Finally, the dogs went inside and i took a walkie with my parents and the owners to see the yaks.  Yaks are big my friends, let me tell you!  Even the calves are bigger than me! A female's weight can go up to 600 pounds and a male, 1500 pounds!  Their horns are scary...

Number One, the biggest male

I think we call those "royal" because of their color

The white thing is the bone inside the horn!

When the yaks saw me, they became very curious and the males were a bit angry.  Thank dog the fence was solid and secured!  I tried to smell the young ones but their mums wouldn't let me, so i opted for a safe walk in the middle of the trail.

The mums are very protective...

Aren't they beautiful?!

Don't worry, i'll stay on this side of the fence!

His head was huge!!!

This yak farm is the only one in Canada.  They have 90 animals - the last one being born while i was there and guess what?  If it's a female, they'll call her Lulu!! Isn't it cool?!  At the farm, they use the animals mostly for meat.  Artists use their horns for sculptures and their tails for jewelry.  You can also use the wool.  In Tibet, where they come from, they also use the milk for butter.  The meat is very lean, less than 4% fat, and very tasty.  Well, that's what the dogs told me...

After the visit, my parents and i spent the night near the lake.  The place was very peaceful and wild.  A nice change of scenery, after spending more than a week near beaches.  I was able to run free!

Mum said we are very privileged to meet such great people on the road and to be welcome in their homes.

I think she's right, i am a lucky dog.

p.s Want to see the dogs?  Go on my Meet my friends page!

Last days in Gaspésie

The sun is finally out and my parents and i are enjoying our last days in Gaspésie.  We spent 2 days in l'Anse-à-Beaufils.  I don't know if you can call it a village - it only has 2 roads - but the surroundings are beautiful!

During my stay there, i had the chance to relax while my parents tasted the local beer and after that, i went to the beach to find agates.  Mum was lucky, she found a few.  I must say that i was a bit jealous when i saw this doggie having fun in the ocean!

We left Gaspésie last night and now, we are in New-Brunswick.  We'll be staying in Caraquet, a small village on the Acadian Coastal Drive.  Don't worry, you'll hear all about the yak farm i visited in a new post tomorrow!  That was really cool!

Until then, i leave you with a few pics mum took...

Typical house in Gaspésie

The beach at l'Anse-à-Beaufils

I'm the Queen of the world!

Cod drying in the sun

I think i saw something...


They caught me!!!