Don't blame me because i'm a rottie...

I've been thinking about this for a long time and i think now is a good time to talk about this issue.

Breed Specific Legislation.

Why do I talk about this now?  As you probably all know, I travel a lot with my humans and i'll be on a RTW trip soon.  While doing some research for our trip, i noticed that there are a lot of places i can't visit just because i am a Rottweiler.  This fact was very disturbing to me, as i am a well-trained and very good dog.  Why do some cities, states or even countries won't let me in?

Because i'm a rottie and my reputation preceeds me.

Let's all be clear on something.  I did not, nor did my fellow rotties, do anything wrong.  Humans made us do bad things.  Humans with little knowledge on how to deal with my breed.   The same goes with all the breeds considered to be "dangerous" like Pit Bull, Mastiff, Staffie, Cane Corso, Akita, Huskie, German, ...

Take any dog, any breed, and tether him with a chain 24 hours a day.  Don't pet him.  Don't play with him.  Don't socialize him with other dogs or children.  Train him to be agressive by poking him with a stick.  Don't groom him.  Let him starve a little.  Shout at him all the time.

You'll end up with an agressive and very dangerous dog.  Wether it's a rottie or a collie, or even a jack for that matter.  Any dog that doesn't have a good home and a good relationship with a human who doesn't know how to take care of a dog or worst, with a human who will try to make his doggie more agressive just because it's "cool", will end up being dangerous.

Of course, big dogs require good training.  We're big, we're strong and we are often very protective of our family.  Who wouldn't be?  But protective doesn't mean malicious or dangerous.  It means that we love our humans and don't want anything bad to happen to them.  If you treathen my mum, grab her by the arm while i'm on a walkie with her, i may bark to advise you to stop.  But if you're being nice to her and to me, i will let you pet me.

By the way, i had a cousin, a pomeranian, who was so protective of her mum that she bit the ankle of a man who was rude to her... Her tiny little teeth made a hell of a mess!  And another cousin of mine, a Lhassa, had a serious fight with a kid!  Did anyone ask that they be put to sleep? No.  Because they were not considered dangerous breed, it was classified as "incidents"...

Seriously, the Breed Specific Legislation has to change.

This legislation is unfair to those behaving in accordance to the law, dogs and humans.  The legislation has to deal with the behavior of individuals, not focus on the breed.

I am a good rottie.  I have a lot of respect for other doggies.  I also have a lot of respect for humans who show the same respect to me.    And the best thing you could do to show me the respect i deserve is to become a great leader.

I'm not a mean beast.  You just have to understand me and treat me to way i should be treated.  The way you, humans, want to be treated.

Don't ban me because i'm a rottie.  And don't blame me...


  1. Very well said Lulu! I think Rotties are very friendly and can't really think of any mean ones that I've ever met before. I know how you feel, my dog is a pit bull.

    1. Doberman, then rotties, and now pitt bull... this is a challenge for us doggies! We have to do something to change the legislation! Like my dad says, there are no bad dogs, only bad humans...

  2. Its the little ones you have to watch out for! Lulu I am very sorry there are places you can't visit because of your breed and I agree it is not your fault. Last Oct. mom and dad took me to Wash DC. Mom researched lots of hotels for us to stay at but the one she liked most wouldn't allow what are termed "aggressive" dogs. Mom felt really bad because she wanted to stay there even though she felt she was supporting their policy by doing so. We did and it was a really great place to stay but I wish you could stay there too. Love Dolly

  3. Well written Lulu. I am sorry you aren't allowed in places do to your breed. Happens to us sometimes too but I don't think as often as you poor Rotties. I hope people realize that each dog is unique just like each person. Love Juneau & Sunny

    1. Hi guys! It is annoying sometimes for me or my humans and that's why i want to spread the word about this ridiculous and unfair law. You're right, we are unique, but unfortunatly victims of our reputation because of some humans who didn't know how to deal with us, big breeds.
      Hope that all will change in a near future!
      Thanx guys!