Humans can be so silly!

I remember the first time Mum said to a friend of hers that i was on Facebook, Twitter and that i was writing about my life as a dog.  A minute of silence and then...

She got "THE LOOK".

I'm pretty sure that this friend seriously tought of calling the police or worst, the psychiatric ward.  Of course, Mum never saw her again...

Why do humans always think that we can't do the things they do? I mean, we have opinions, we can speak our own mind! Ok, i admit that it's kind of weird looking at a dog typing on a computer and chatting with its anipals on Twitter.  It's unusual.  Or maybe not.  Because last time i checked, there was a bunch of us doggies on Twitter!  One of my pal has nearly 2 000 followers!

But that's not my point.  My point is that dogs have a life too.  There are things we like - chew on old socks and discuss the taste between us, teasing kittens, ... - and things we hate - like zoombies, aliens, or funny hats that our humans put on our heads at Christmas.  Some of us work, others are retired.  Most of us are well-trained and a few need to be more careful with their humans' carpet.  And all of us love to make fun of our humans! They can be so silly!

I mean, is there anything funnier than seeing a human teasing us with a bone or a fluffy toy?  They get down on their knees, talking to us making noises as if we couldn't understand words, using that irritating tone of voice. I always wondered what they would do if they could see themselves in a mirror...  Even more silly: they think we are weird because we like to dress up with wigs - and like my friend Spikey said, we are comfortable in our weirdness - but they dye their hair! Hello?! A dog would NEVER do that!

Except in China, but that's another story...

Anyway, silly or not, we love our humans.  They always make funny faces when they look at us and we can't help it but cuddle a lil bit closer.  They even let us in the bed when there's a storm outside, thinking we are afraid of thunder.  Like if we were, pfff...  We make up our best pity face ever when there's food on the table, even if we know we're not allowed to be around at dinner time, and they always fall for it!

Didn't i tell you they were silly?!

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