My book is out!

This is such an exciting day for me!

Today, i officially launch my new ebook, Lulu on the road, on Amazon!  Isn't it amazing?! This book contains short stories on my road trip in USA with my parents, with lots of pictures for you to enjoy.  I really hope that you'll like it!

I'm still here!

Hi everybody!

Wow, a lot has been going on in my doggie life!  Let me tell you all about it!

Some of you might know this, but my parents and i just finished the first part of our road trip around the world.  We still have a few states to visit and by all means, we will visit them!

Grabbing technology by the paws!

Oh dear...  Whenever i sit at the computer with mum, i always wonder if i’m doing the right thing.  I mean, i love to chat with my friends on Twitter - and because of Twitter, i let down my friends on FB.  So i went back on FB a few days ago and, you guessed it, i started to let down my friends on Twitter.  Of course, being on Twitter - and on the road - made it difficult for me to write.  So i let down my readers on my blog.