My new sisfur!!

I got a new sisfur!

My pawrents adopted a Doxie 2 days ago! Isn't it amazing?!

Her name is Brioche - Bree - and she's 2 1/2 years old.  She's a black and tan little thing that was in a really bad situation.  Here is her story.

Bree was living in a loving family of two humans.  They loved her very much and let her do whatever she wanted because she was so sweet and funny.  She was the Queen of the house!  Everything went smooth until they adopted another doggie.  This other doggie was rescued from bad owner who beat him. Bree took the dog under her wing and showed him everything but still, she was in charge!

Then, about a year later, her pawrents had a human baby...

You can imagine that Bree wasn't very happy about this new arrival in the house.  She barked a lot, asked for all the attention and finally, tried to bite the little human.  Her pawrents were really devastated because they loved her very much but the baby was the new priority in their life.  Bree became nervous, stressed out, out of control.  She had no more limits, no boundaries.

She is a Doxie and this breed needs lot of attention and good training or they become little terrors and that's what happened.

Bree started acting weird, peeing in the house, even pooped in the house!!  Nobody could approach her, except her mum.  She weighs about 8 pounds and everybody was scared of her!

Her pawrents couldn't handle her anymore so there was no choice.  Either put her up for adoption or euthanasia...

My mum heard about Bree the day she was put up for adoption.  Talk about faith!!  At first, dad didn't want to hear anything about having another dog, and certainly not a problem one!!  But mum and I finally convinced him that we couldn't let anything happend to Bree.  So we called the owners and 2 days later, we went to pick her up...

Oh my dog!  Bree tried to bite mum, barked like crazy and pooped on the carpet right in front of dad!!  Lucky for me, mum looked at dad and said "she just needs discipline, that's all"...  Dad was very reluctant at first, thought that she would become our problem and that we couldn't do anything with her.  That was before i met her...

The meeting went ok.  She tried to bite me but soon realized that I was the boss here!  I taught her a thing or two about sharing treats and meals - NO WAY! - and where she was allowed to sleep - not on MY couch!  I also told her that peeing and pooing is a thing we do outside.  Other than that, everything is going great.

Bree looks like me! A mini Lulu!!

The funny thing is that mum bought her a tiny chocker and a leash, and is being strict with her when it comes to house rules.  And Bree listens all the time, looking at mum like if she was the most wonderful human on earth!  She follows her like glue!

She is still a little bit intimidated by dad and me, but i'm sure we'll become a great family.  Of course i watch her every move... i was told not to trust Doxies!  They can be fierce and they are very intelligent!

Am i jealous?  Maybe a little bit.  Which i think is very natural.  But my humans are good with dogs and they know that i'll always be number one in their hearts.  They treat me the way they always did.  I'm the first being fed.  I still receive lots of cuddles.  My toys are mine and only mine.  We each have our own cushion.  I still sleep with them in the bed, but Bree isn't allowed.  For now.

We need to adapt to each other.  We've been together less than 24 hours!

But i kind of love her... She's cute, small - very small!! - and she always makes funny faces!  I think i'm even starting to fell a little protective of her, especially when we go outside.  So i guess this is a good sign that we'll get along.

I must say that i'm very proud of my pawrents.  They saved her life!  And that is the most important thing because Bree only needs a bit of discipline, lots of love and a stable home to become a great dog, just like me!

Welcome home Bree!  Just don't steal my food and everything will be perfect!!


  1. Lulu you got a sisfur that looks like me! And yes we are very smart and demanding, which is why my folks won't get another dog. God bless your parents for rescuing her it sounds like discipline is attention and that is what she craves. You are being a very good sisfur to her and I am sure that you will be best pals soon. Love Dolly

    1. Dolly!!! I'm so glad to hear from you! Yes she does look like you! Both my sisfurs look alike! BOL! OMD, just realized we may be triplets! hahaha!
      Yes she is demanding but i think, really, that she'll get the hang of how it works around here. She already tried to boss dad around but she was in for a big surprise...!
      It's funny coz we now both have our own space in the house and as much as i did let her come near mine at first, she is a fast learner coz she doesn't let ME come near hers!
      She's funny, we'll have a lot of fun together!!
      Thanx Dolly!

  2. Congrats on your new sisfur Lulu! She's a cutie and glad she found a new home with you.

    1. Thanx Ann! Hope we'll get along! hihihi!!