I'm back!

And i'm in Amarillo, Texas.

It's been such an adventure so far that yes, i didn't really had the time - nor the energy to be honest with you - to update my blog before today.  Sorry about that pals!

But here i am now!

First, i made this little map of where i've been so far.  Can you imagine that i've visited 17 states?  Amazing!

Just click on the map and you'll see the white line, symbolizing our trip from Maine to Texas.

Although the trip is fabulous, one thing makes me sad.  It's almost over...  We'll be traveling east from Texas and then, back home... unless our new project comes to life!

Yes my friends, we are planning our next adventure and it might take me where no dog had gone before!  Picture this.  Dad and mum on a motorcycle and me in... a sidecar!  Wouldn't that be pawsome?!  Of course, we would need all the help we could get from you my friends around the world!  But enough said, we've got a lot to do before jumping in the sidecar!

Speaking of project, my mum is also working on my 2014 calendar, featuring my best pics during our road trip.  I think it will be really cool!

Since i do have connexion for the next 36 hours ar so, i will try to post some articles showing you what i've done and where i've been during the last few weeks.

See you soon!