My first ghost town

I never thought i would see a real ghost town but here i am, in Old Trail Town, Wyoming!  Actually, one person still lives here, his name is Ray and he takes care of all the buildings in town.  These buildings are quite valuable, since one of them was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hiding place!  They call this house the “Hole in the Wall” hideout.

This ghost town is the early settlement of Cody City, the town established by Buffalo Bill Cody himself in 1895!  Isn’t it cool?!

Let’s take a walk in town...

I think mum did a pretty good job with the pics!  Hope you enjoyed it!

p.s. Today, we went up to 9 666 feet in altitude, in the Bighorn National Forest.  The view was amazing but i must say, i had a hard time dealing with this altitude... I was anxious, i had to drink a lot of water, ...  So here is a tip for you doggies on the road.  Tell your parents to stop along the way to get use to the change in altitude.  It’s very important, for humans and for us too.  And don’t over exercise!

Badlands, South Dakota

Oh.  My.  Dog.  This place is out of this world!  Really, i can’t describe how beautiful and surreal this place is.  Badlands National Park in South Dakota is a must see!

Words are not enough so, here are a few pictures mum took during our stay there.  Hope you ‘ll enjoy them as much as i enjoyed my visit.  Oh, by the way, dogs can go to the Badlands and yes, they can walk in the park, as long as we don’t leave any traces...  And yes, there are snakes...  And mountain goats, and prairie dogs!  No wonder we must be kept on leash at all time!

Next stop, Custer State Park, with the largest Buffalo herd in South Dakota!



We are on our way to Wyoming.  But first, let me talk a little bit about Custer State Park.

It’s not worth the 15$ fee.

I agree, the Black Hills are beautiful but why pay that much to see, well, nothing.  We were told that we would see the largest herd of buffalos, right?  Wrong.  We saw 3 buffalos.  All we saw during this 30 plus miles drive were those 3 buffalos, a few animals with weird horns and prairie dogs.

Am i disappointed?  Of course i am!  Mum and i waited so long for buffalos!  Like dad said, it won’t be the last time we’ll be disappointed on our road trip...

Anyway, we’ll be on the road again tomorrow.  Next stop, Gillette, Wyoming and then, we yet have to decide.  Yellowstone Park or straight to Utah and the Great Salt Lake?  I bet you all the treats in my bowl that we’ll skip the park...

See you soon!

Wild wild west

3 provinces - Quebec, New-Brunswick and Ontario - and 10 states - Maine, New-York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska (who goes to Nebraska?) and now, South Dakota - in 3 months!

I’m in Mitchell, South Dakota.  The mythic gate to the west, as mum said to me.  South Dakota is really a beautiful state.  The sky is amazing and the sunset is beyond georgous!  I liked Iowa - even if it’s flat as a pancake and the only thing i saw was corn and soy.  I did meet a fly there.  She got in our RV in Iowa City and got off in Yankton, South Dakota.  I guess she needed a ride...

For the first time since i’m on the road, i had a cultural “awakening”.  See, where i come from, no body carries a gun, except for hunting season, which lasts about 1 month in fall.  We don’t even see people with their riffles as they hide them as far away from others as possible.  But here, everybody seems to have one!  I mean, some stores even have a front desk where you can leave your gun while you shop for another one!!!  This particular store even has an exterior kennel/corral where people put their dogs/horses before heading to the restaurant!  Isn’t it the craziest thing ever??!!

This is the wild wild west my friend...  I just hope my parents won’t leave me in one of those cages...

Like i said, we spent our first night in Mitchell and i think i saw a baby cougar (or maybe a mountain lion?) - or it might have been a cat on steroids, i’m not sure.  It was very muscular, it had a long tail, short ears and its fur was beige.  I also saw a real american eagle!

I’m very excited because tomorrow, we’ll be heading to the Badlands and Mt Rushmore.  After that, we’ll be in Wyoming and then, Utah.  It’s been really great so far, i never thought our road trip accross the US would be so cool!  (I know, i was supposed to meet some friends in Chicago but i’m not the one driving the RV!)

Now, paws crossed, i hope i’ll have an internet access to show you some of the pictures mum will take on the road.

Talk to you soon! Love you all!