How do they make doggie treats?

Me and Tammy at OBT.  Isn't she lovely?!

I knew that talking about treats would make you happy!  So today, i thought about giving you a small tour of my sponsor's plan, where they cook treats for us dogs!  Isn't it amazing?

Oven Baked Tradition is a great company from St-Hyacinthe, a town near Montreal, Quebec.  About a year ago, they kindly accepted to sponsor me as they thought it was quite special to see a Rottie going on the road with its humans for 3-4 years.  They knew that my adventures to come would be very interesting and different, and that i would be a great ambassador for them!

Tammy, the wonderful lady that takes care of me at OBT invited us to visit the plan.  Of course, i was not allowed in the plan itself, but while my humans went inside, i stayed in the office at the front desk.  Boy was i a good security guard!  And i had lots and lots of treats!  Liver treats are my favorites!

My humans took a few pics inside, so here's a look at how they make treats at OBT.  (Don't ask for the recipe, it's a secret!)

Mixing all the ingredients for the treats...  Smells good!

Picking the right design for the treats...

Mixture going in the oven...  Isn't called Oven Baked for nothing!

Treats are cooked! Yummy! But still too hot to eat...

Tammy telling Dad all the secrets... He looks funny with this thing around his beard! 

Oh My Dog!!!

Ready to go!

After the visit, Mum & Dad were very impressed!  They said that it was clean, that it smelled like cookies coming out of the oven and that all the employees were kind and smiling!  

I am so proud to have them as my official sponsor!  Please visit their web site as they have a forum for us anipals and our humans, lots of pics, funny facts, ... They are just great!!  And you can follow them on Twitter @OvenBakedT and on Facebook too !!! And they even have a new commercial on tv, which is totally amazing!!

(Hmmm... I just thought about something... A contest maybe...  Let me think about it...)

Thanks Tammy!  Thanks Oven Baked Tradition !!

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