A little bit of everything...

Morning workout...

I was listening to a conversation between mum and dad last night and it made me think that i’ve been on the road for 2 ½ months now.  Wow...

I know how wonderful my life is and i am very thankful.  I’ve seen many things, some beautiful and unbelievable, others less interesting, but i always make sure to get the most of everything.

You’ve all heard about this incredible night when two (or three?) drunk dudes scared us by rocking the RV.  Let’s just say that it was a bump on the road...  We knew that we might get into trouble on the road, but that’s part of the dream.  We are facing our fears every day.

I wish i could talk to you all more often but as you all know by now, i don’t always have the freedom to use the web as often as i’d like to...  Right now, if we are lucky, we have 5 minutes of internet every other day.

Our next stop will be South Dakota and then, we’ll drive all the way to Wyoming, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado.  I’m a little scared because mum told me that i might see a rattle snake or even a grizzly bear!  Hope she will put lots of bells on my legs!!  If i’m not mistaking, i think my parents said that we’ll spend the winter months in Florida or Texas...

My health is good, my fur on my belly started to grow again, finally!

I miss you all very much and i can’t wait to talk to you again!

Niagara Falls...

... Or Niagara Vice, like mum said about this place!

I spent a week there and i enjoyed it, even if it's not the most dog-friendly place on earth.  If you're a doggie and you want to visit the city and see the falls, you have to do it very early in the morning or after dinner, around 8 p.m.  So i woke up my parents one morning at 6 am because i really wanted to see the falls!  Dad wasn't so happy about it but hey, a dog has to be the leader sometimes...

So, i went to the falls, i took a walk downtown, i went for a hot-dog, i saw dinosaurs and met a nice lady and a little girl who gave me lots of cuddles!

The highlight of the week?  We got to meet with Rae Ann, one of my Twitter friends who lives near by (@ragell)!  Mum and Dad were so happy to meet her! She is so sweet and funny and smart and she gave me cuddles!  She spent the night with us in the rv and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks so much for this great evening!

Here is the story of my week in Niagara Falls...

The Skylon behind me... 

Dad, i think someone is watching me...

Can i have one of those, please?

My favorite place downtown!

Mum took this pic from the Skywheel!

I'm in big trouble...

Dad played a game and he won me this snake! I love it!

I don't know where we're going next, so i guess this will be a susprise for all of us!

Take care! Love you!

This place is crazy!

Guys, if you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, let me tell you how it is.  Lots of human legs and i mean, lots of them!  Never seen so many legs in one place!  And i’ve never been so stimulated in my whole life by all the colors, the sounds, the odors!  Wow!

During the first five minutes, i got to smell pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, sweat, ice cream, fudge, coconut tanning lotion, pop corn, ...  It was crazy!  My nose still hurts from all that smelling!

We arrived yesterday and last night, i went for a walkie with my parents and guess what?  A dinosaur almost caught me in its mouth!!  When in Niagara Falls, don’t just watch for the falls, watch for the dinosaurs!!

We are very lucky because dad knows the manager of the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill, where all the action is, and he allowed us to stay in a quiet parking lot near the falls.  From my window, i can see the big Skywheel!

I also met a nice lady and 2 little girls who played with me, and some people from India took a pic with me!  Everybody  was wondering why they had their pic taken with me and dad said that’s because i was a famous doggie...

Tomorrow, i’m gonna see the falls.  Can’t wait to show you some pics!  Don’t worry guys, i won’t fall, i promise!  Let’s just hope the weather will cooperate because it’s been a little windy here...

Talk to you soon!

From a dog's point of view...

No, the burgers are not for me...

There are multiple of websites giving you advices on how to travel with a dog.  I know, mu mum read them all.  But i’ve never seen/read a website talking about that specific topic from the dog’s point of view.

I mean, if you’re about to travel with your humans, you should get all the dirt about what it’s really like.  Take it from a pal who traveled across 2 canadian provinces and 7 states.
It ain’t all fun.

Here are the facts my friends...

- don’t believe your humans when they tell you how comfy a harness is...
- you really think you’re gonna be able to drink and eat whenever you want?  Think again.
- peeing and pooping in a Walmart parking lot is a challenge, especially is you prefer grass...
- playing ball will be a thing you USED TO do a long time ago
- no, you’re not allowed to chase squirrels.  It seems like squirrel hunting is prohibited in a lot of states
- you will sleep a lot
- “Not now...” (need i say more?)
- when your humans will pack, don’t expect them to leave room for treats.  
- you will be blame for every fart in public places
- you don’t need all the fancy doggie stuff to travel because, well, you just don’t
- medication?  For what?  You sleep most of the time, how in the world would you injure yourself?!
- think you’re gonna be able to see and do everything with your humans?  That’s what they told you, right?  In your dreams!
- they will take your pic in the most unusual places (don’t ask...)

The greatest thing about traveling with your humans?  

You’ll be with them 24/7.  I’m no Martha Stewart but “that’s a good thing”!

Flight 93 Memorial

Mum said that even if i wasn’t allowed to walk in the Memorial, i should post something about it because it was an important stop on our road trip.  So here, a tribute for those who died that day...

May you all rest in peace...

Where do i start?

Wow, it's been quite a ride so far my friends!

Really, i don't know where to begin!  Already talked about the Amish in Lancaster but now, i'm spending a couple of days in a small campground owned by an Amish family in Ohio, in Millersburg to be exact.  Yes, they own a business and they have wifi! Not in their home, of course, but for us to use! Isn't it great?!

But let's talk about the real thing here.

We went to 2 great places filled with history, Gettysburg and Flight 93 Memorial.  What can i say... i think that for once, i'll let the pictures talk for themselves...  and i'll talk about the Memorial later...

Where i've been so far

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Just a little post before i go to bed (mum is sleeping with me tonight on the couch, yay!), to let you know where i've been so far.

On the map, you'll see where i have pooped rested my paws on the road.  Some places where really great, others a little bit scary - like this small town in New York where a stranger checked to see if there was anybody in the RV!!  I scared him away of course!!

Favorite places so far?  Caraquet in New-Brunswick, Bar Harbor in Maine and Intercourse in Pennsylvania.  Didn't really have the chance to see Lake Placid in New York, although it looked nice.  So many people there, it was the annual triathlon!

I'm leaving you with this picture.  A sampler of the famous goddies made by the Amish.  Streusel, sticky bun with nuts, whoopie pie, shoo fly pie and chocolate shoo fly pie.  Delicious!!