If i ever go to the UK...

me in a restaurant in Cape Cod, Mass.

I will certainly have my pic taken in one of these fabulous places!


A great tradition there, many pubs also welcome doggies.  If there's a pub, there's a pooch!

Here in Canada, dogs aren't welcome in pubs.  That, i don't understand!  Is there something more welcoming than a dog sitting near a fireplace or under a table, watching his human sip a pint, eat peanuts and chat with friends?

Once i was allowed in a restaurant and boy did it was fantastic! I had my own space near the table, my own plate with fresh water in it, got to taste a lil bit of the food, ...  And i wasn't alone!  There were those 2 lil things, with tutu and bows on their heads, and all the clients were giving them treats!  Seriously, i think that every restaurant and especially pubs should welcome dogs.

In Great Britain, they understand the bond between humans and doggies.  And when i discovered this blog on the net, i told mum and dad that, while on our RTW trip, we must go there!

The blog i'm talking about is Dogs in Pubs.  This blog is a tribute to all the dogs in pubs.  They are doing a great job and the pics are fabulous!

If you haven't seen it yet, go and take a look.  My favorite pic is All alone Alfie.  Luv it!

Have you ever been to a pub?  If so, please tell me about it!

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