Relaxing in PA Dutch County

Sometimes we do need a break from the road.  I do!  So my parents and i decided to spend a few days in Pennsylvania Dutch County.

We crossed New York State in a rush, taking just a few minutes here and there to enjoy the scenery.  The highlight of the day was when Mum and Dad had lunch with 3 players from the New York Jets!  We were at Wendy's - well, they were, i was locked in the RV... - and the players were there, so they talked and took some pics with them.  See, the Jets training camp is in Cortland NY, and we just happened to be there!  That was really cool!

So, we drove to Lancaster, PA, and finally arrived in a Walmart parking lot around midnight.  A lil bit of drama here...  Dad and Mum missed a turn so dad, who was driving, had to turn around in another parking lot and he drove over a big bump! All the doors in the RV opened and everything broke! There were cans and glass pieces all over the floor, i even received a bottle of water on the head!  Needless to say that they were both angry, frustrated, tired, stressed out, ...  They cleaned their mess - for once, i didn't do anything - and we went to bed at one in the morning.

Thank dog, our first day in Amish land was peaceful and quiet.  We drove around on small country roads, took pictures, talked with the locals and went to a nice little campground in Intercourse, just beside an Amish farm.

I must say that the Amish people are very friendly.  They wave at us and smile when we cross their path.  The children are always giggling when they see me!  And the best part is that i can smell their horses all the time!  I was also very surprised to learn that there are 2 "kinds" of Amish.  The ones using non-electrical machineries and living off the land are Amish.  The ones using some electrical devices and doing more business with the tourists are Mennonites.  Well, that's what a lady told mum.

There is so much to say about this wonderful place they call Farmland, that i'll post another story in a few days!

Take care!


  1. Very cool Lulu!! Love the pictures our Mom went to this area as a kid (longgg time ago) and loved it! Glad you got to try the ShooFly Pie!! Mom is drooling now...
    Juneau & Sunny

  2. What an adventure Lulu! Please tell your folks to be careful! We are very familiar with the Amish and Mennonites in Indiana and Iowa. Unfortunately, Amish in Iowa are notorious for some of the worst puppy mills in the country. Love Dolly