Did you say YAKS?!?!

Guys, if you ever visit Bonaventure, you have to see the yak farm!  This place is awesome!  I spent 24 hours there and i loved it!

When we arrived at the farm, my parents met the owners while i stayed in the RV, because their dogs were outside.  For the first time in my life, i think i was the smallest of the pack!  The RV was surrounded by a Cane Corso, a Great Dane, an italian Mastiff and a Pit/Hound mix.  Oh my dog...

Finally, the dogs went inside and i took a walkie with my parents and the owners to see the yaks.  Yaks are big my friends, let me tell you!  Even the calves are bigger than me! A female's weight can go up to 600 pounds and a male, 1500 pounds!  Their horns are scary...

Number One, the biggest male

I think we call those "royal" because of their color

The white thing is the bone inside the horn!

When the yaks saw me, they became very curious and the males were a bit angry.  Thank dog the fence was solid and secured!  I tried to smell the young ones but their mums wouldn't let me, so i opted for a safe walk in the middle of the trail.

The mums are very protective...

Aren't they beautiful?!

Don't worry, i'll stay on this side of the fence!

His head was huge!!!

This yak farm is the only one in Canada.  They have 90 animals - the last one being born while i was there and guess what?  If it's a female, they'll call her Lulu!! Isn't it cool?!  At the farm, they use the animals mostly for meat.  Artists use their horns for sculptures and their tails for jewelry.  You can also use the wool.  In Tibet, where they come from, they also use the milk for butter.  The meat is very lean, less than 4% fat, and very tasty.  Well, that's what the dogs told me...

After the visit, my parents and i spent the night near the lake.  The place was very peaceful and wild.  A nice change of scenery, after spending more than a week near beaches.  I was able to run free!

Mum said we are very privileged to meet such great people on the road and to be welcome in their homes.

I think she's right, i am a lucky dog.

p.s Want to see the dogs?  Go on my Meet my friends page!


  1. Wow you were really close to those yaks, even mom didn't get that close! What an exciting adventure you are on so far lucky you! Love Dolly

  2. Lulu..Bar harbor looks amazing!

  3. Wow a baby Yak named for you! Looks like a very cool place!
    Juneau & Sunny