Dog at work!

Just because i have been silent for a while, doesn’t mean i was on vacation!

First of all, let me explain how things are around here.  My parents don’t have a phone.  Don’t laugh at them!  They’re just... Old fashioned.  Of course, they have a computer but finding Internet on the road is like running in a battlefield!  Imagine driving in a new city, in a 23 feet long RV, not knowing where the McDonald is, finally finding the place and guess what?  No place to park the RV!!!  So you drive around the block at least 4 times, waiting for a few cars to leave and then, you run in the restaurant to connect your computer to the WiFi.  Naturally, mum is mad as (bip) because there is no outlet to plug her computer, so she has to wait until dad is finished to borrow his.  When she finally has her turn, the connexion dies...

Of course, they could work in the RV, writing their posts ahead of time and just copy and paste them when connected.  But they need electricity.  And the generator is, well, kind of... Dead.  So they have to wait until they find a campground with electricity AND WiFi...

That’s why i was quiet for a while.

Then, back in Quebec, they fixed the generator and they decided to buy a WiFi device for the RV.  Which was a good idea, until they realized that they can only use this... In Canada!  And we spend most of our time in the US!

Back to square one.  Finding a McDonald near by.

So if i’m not writing as often as i‘d like, or if you talk with me on Twitter and i suddenly disappear, that’s because we’re driving around, looking for a McDonald.  Or because we had a power failure.  Or we just crossed the border.

(By the way, the wedding was really beautiful, the bride was georgous, my cousin was very handsome and the caterer gave me some veal.  Mum cried - of course - and needed two days to recover from the party...)


  1. You guys sure are ruffing it! Love Dolly

    1. Hi Dolly!
      Why make it simple when you can complicate things... BOL!! eriously, we're having a blast!