Bar Harbor, Maine

Yes folks, i'm in Bar Harbor!

I was supposed to stay longer in New-Brunswick but my parents decided to drive away from the crowded beaches and head for a more peaceful place.  We've been to Bar Harbor a few times, it wasn't too far from where we were, so the choice was obvious for them.  I didn't complain because this town is very dog friendly!

So here i am, walking down Main Street, sniffing at all the goodies people leave for doggies at their doorstep, and shopping at my favorite store, Bark Harbor.  I also played ball in the park and a nice lady even gave me treats!

on Main Street with dad

He is cute, isn't he?!

My favorite store, Bark Harbor!

I saw a Ghost Ship!!!!

We'll spend 3 days here, before going back to my granny's house for my cousin's wedding on July the 20th.  It'll give us time to plan ahead because after the wedding, we'll be on the road again.

No, i'm not telling you where we're going, it's a surprise!  But the pictures will take your breath away so stay tuned!

Love you all!


  1. Looks like a great place to be a dog! Love the picture of the ghost ship :)Looks like you're having a great time xxx

  2. Mom and Dad Love Maine Lulu! Very Nice pictures!!

    Juneau & Sunny

  3. Beautiful pictures Lulu! Can't wait for your adventures to continue! Love Dolly

  4. Hi, Lulu! Dolly just told us about you, so we stopped by to say hello! You look like you're having some very bark-worthy adventures! :) We're in NS, so some of your photos look familiar to us (but we've never seen a yak!)