Open spaces

As you all know by now, i’m back in Quebec for my mum’s godson’s wedding in 3 days.  Although i like my hometown very much, i can’t help but think about all the beautiful places i’ve seen so far.  Especially in Maine.

The open spaces, the rugged coast line, the deep woods, the lakes, the mountains.  Running on beaches, fresh air, smells of the wild life.  That made me feel alive.

Lots of people said that i was a lucky dog.  I’m not lucky, i’m privileged to have parents who decided that i was part of the team and that in no way they would have done this road trip without me.  I’m very grateful.

I leave you today with some pictures taken in Maine.  I was very impressed by Rangeley Lake, which is at an altitude of 1750 feet.  Small planes fly at 2000 feet...  I also loved the small towns, their farmers markets, their friendly welcome.  Bangor - just to name this one - is a friendly city, but you can feel the community spirit that bounds people together in small towns and that made me feel good.  

For once, i was not a Rottweiler.  I was just another dog. 

The beautiful coast of Maine

In Southeast Harbor

With mum...

Farmers Market in Skohegan

Farmers Market

Rangeley Lake

At Rangeley Lake

Near the border


  1. Maine looks beautiful- definitely want to visit on a trip to America. Looks like you're having fun travelling Lulu! x

  2. As usual beautiful pictures Lulu! Love Dolly