Last days in Gaspésie

The sun is finally out and my parents and i are enjoying our last days in Gaspésie.  We spent 2 days in l'Anse-à-Beaufils.  I don't know if you can call it a village - it only has 2 roads - but the surroundings are beautiful!

During my stay there, i had the chance to relax while my parents tasted the local beer and after that, i went to the beach to find agates.  Mum was lucky, she found a few.  I must say that i was a bit jealous when i saw this doggie having fun in the ocean!

We left Gaspésie last night and now, we are in New-Brunswick.  We'll be staying in Caraquet, a small village on the Acadian Coastal Drive.  Don't worry, you'll hear all about the yak farm i visited in a new post tomorrow!  That was really cool!

Until then, i leave you with a few pics mum took...

Typical house in Gaspésie

The beach at l'Anse-à-Beaufils

I'm the Queen of the world!

Cod drying in the sun

I think i saw something...


They caught me!!!


  1. So happy you are feeling better. You all look like you are having so much fun!

    1. Hi Abby! A lot of fun but a little too hot...

  2. Can't wait to hear about the yak farm!! Mom takes beautiful pictures!!
    Juneau & Sunny

  3. How beautiful! Hope you are feeling completely recovered! Love Dolly