Where i've been so far

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Just a little post before i go to bed (mum is sleeping with me tonight on the couch, yay!), to let you know where i've been so far.

On the map, you'll see where i have pooped rested my paws on the road.  Some places where really great, others a little bit scary - like this small town in New York where a stranger checked to see if there was anybody in the RV!!  I scared him away of course!!

Favorite places so far?  Caraquet in New-Brunswick, Bar Harbor in Maine and Intercourse in Pennsylvania.  Didn't really have the chance to see Lake Placid in New York, although it looked nice.  So many people there, it was the annual triathlon!

I'm leaving you with this picture.  A sampler of the famous goddies made by the Amish.  Streusel, sticky bun with nuts, whoopie pie, shoo fly pie and chocolate shoo fly pie.  Delicious!!

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