A foggy day in Percé

My backyard for this week

The last four days have been very windy and foggy but i'm still enjoying this road trip!

I'm still a little dizzy because of the antibiotics but now, i can walk a little bit longer.  My parents and i took walkies on the beach and i must say i was a bit disappointed because i couldn't see the famous Rock here in Percé, too much fog!

I asked mum to post some pics so you can all see what i've seen so far. So, here is a recap of my first days on the road!

A small lighthouse, smaller than a doghouse!

Dad and i having a little cuddle


Forillon National Park

Mum and i smiling for the camera!
In case you're wondering where i am exactly...

Next stop, Anse-à-Beaufils and the Yak Farm!  Cannot wait to see and smell those exotic animals!


  1. Looks awesome Lulu!! Thanks so much for sharing. Nice to see Mom & Dad!! So very happy you are doing better! Juneau & Sunny

    1. Hi guys! The weather may be bad but i'm enjoying every minute of it!
      Love xoxo

  2. Wow, Martine and Lulu, what a smile !!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Lulu and can enjoy the beautiful scenery! Love Dolly

    1. Hi Dolly!
      My walkies are longer and longer and now, i eat normally, which is a good sign that the recovery is going great!
      See you soon!