Humans need to be trained too!

It bothers me a lot when i meet humans that have no idea what so ever on how to deal with dogs, especially dog owners! 

I remember when I was in Maine, we went to visit a park and the Ranger there, a dog owner, saw me and started to talk to me like if I was a baby human.  First, i'm not a baby, second, certainly not a human!  The tone of his voice was annoying to my sensible ears.

Then, without warning, he bended his knees and looked me IN THE EYES!! 

Let's all be very clear on that.  Humans, i'm telling you, never, NEVER, look a dog in the eyes if you don't know him very well.  Meaning, if you're not his owner, don't do that.  Or you'll be asking for trouble.

As you all know by now, i'm well trained and i behave like a sweet puppy on the road.  I let people pet me and i greet them with a lick or two.  I respond to voice commands and to gestual ones.  

The only thing i don't appreciate is when people look me in the eyes.  When you do that, you dare me, you provoke me, you are testing me.  And i take it personnal.  And my doggie friends will take it personnal too, may them be rotties, doxies, poodles or mix breeds.  

This Ranger was in for a surprise...  I did not bite him - i'm not that stupid! - but i did warn him that his behavior wasn't ok.  

Humans always tell us how to behave with humans but who ever told them how to behave with us?  Humans need to be trained too in order to avoid dramatic situation.  Adults AND children.  When on walkies, i often see young humans running around unfamiliar dogs and their parents letting them pet the dog without even asking for permission.  And by that, i mean asking our human and us permission!  What if i don't feel right?  What if i'm tired, hungry?  What if i'm in pain?  What if i just don't want to be pet?

Please humans, remember this:

- always walk your dog with a leash
- train your dog to walk by your side, not 10 feet in front of you 
- always ask before petting a dog
- don't look a dog in the eyes
- don't let your child play with an unfamiliar dog
- always remember that, even if we are cute and small, we are animals

There is one thing my dad always says to people when we meet for the first time.  First, i'm an animal, then i'm a dog, then i'm a rottie, then i'm Lulu...  


  1. Good advice and very appropriate advice.

    Nice to meet you Lulu. I just 'liked' you on Facebook!

    1. Sage!
      I know, humans can be too friendly sometimes...
      Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the like, very sweet of you!

  2. I'm president of the local dog club. We train the public to train their dogs. I find your blog to be very responsible and filled with valuable advice.
    Thank You, wbell

    1. Well thank you very much! I try to be a responsible doggy and i really hope that my life as a rottie will inspire people and convince them that there are no bad dogs...