A word from the Editor

That would be me!

Over the past weeks, some of you asked a lot of questions regarding my life as an editor for the magazine Lulu on the Road.  Time to answer some of your questions!

I came up with this idea of publishing a magazine because i thought that it would be a great medium to share my travel experiences when on the road.  I also thought that a magazine would be easier to read and that it would give me the opportunity to publish short stories on other dogs, friends i would meet while traveling.

After a brainstorming session with mum and dad, i decided to launch it sooner than planned.  I met so many interesting friends on social medias and heard so many wonderful stories that i couldn't help but start the magazine at the beginning of this year.

The third issue of Lulu on the Road will be out tomorrow.  What an experience it has been so far!

But i must say that it's a lot of work.  Besides my blog, which takes about 2 hours of my time each week, publishing a monthly magazine requires about 20 hours of work each month.  Doesn't sound that much?  Well, i have to build my schedule around mum's and it ain't that easy!

First, i have to search for interesting stories.  Then i have to write them or contact other dogs and ask them if they would write a story for the mag.  After that, i have to pick the photos that will be in the mag, choose one for the cover, decide which breed will be feature in Breed of the Month on the back cover.

This is only half of the work done, because now, i have to put everything in order!  Laying out a magazine can be very frustrating!  This story before or after this one?  This photo should be edited or not?  Did my typist make any error in the pages?

And i'm not talking about the editorial meetings i held with mum, which can last till late at night!  We also ask dad's opinion before publishing the final product to see if we missed something or if we should change anything.

So yes, it is a lot of work but it's so much fun!

A lot of doggie friends already helped me by being featured in the first issues and i'll always be grateful for that!  This magazine wouldn't be the same without you guys!

Do i have other projects besides this blog and my magazine? Of course i do! You know me, always working on something!  So stay tuned because in the upcoming weeks, i will launch my first book!

So excited!


  1. Simply pawesome! xo

  2. We love your mag & blog we did not realize it took so much of your time!! juneau & sunny

    1. Hi guys! I don't mind, really, because i love what i do and knowing that anipals and their humans read what i write makes me very happy and gives me the motivation i might need sometimes to continue!

  3. You are such an amazing dog Lulu! Love Dolly

    1. Hi Dolly!
      I am? really? Why?
      Certainly not as amazing as you are sweetie!

  4. That is dedication Lulu!! And all your hard work pays off cos your blog and mag are great :-)

    1. Well thanks a lot! Ireally appreciate and i'm glad you are enjoing it! See ya!