Lulu on the Road March Issue is out!!

The March Issue of my magazine Lulu on the Road is finally out!

Browse the magazine right here and tell me what you think of it! Your comments are very important as they will help me do better next time!  Enjoy!

Remember, you can enlarge the magazine by clicking on the little square with arrows at the bottom right of the screen.


  1. Great edition Lulu! I enjoyed reading about the sled dogs, the artwork was beautiful, and Congratulations to Miss Abby on winning the contest!

    1. Hi Ann! Glad you enjoyed it, i had a real good time putting it up together! Next one might be on a new service tho, to make it available for mobile devices. Might be bigger too!

  2. Hi Lulu !

    The pictures are wonderful.

    As soon as I remove my contact lenses, I will come back to read the tiny-tiny print with my nose very close to my puter screen.

    Any way, grrrrrreat job !

    1. Hi MarieBo!
      tu as juste à élargir le magazine pour le lire en cliquant sur le petit carré avec des flèches dans le coin droit en bas de l'écran bleu! Tu es drôle!!
      à plus!

  3. Hello there !

    Imagine-toi que j'y avais pensé.
    Mais même, agrandi, c'est "petit" vu du bout de ma lorgnette !

  4. Enjoyed the March issue. Thank you for sending the link.
    Congratulation to Abby, Boots and Ama. Great cover photo of Abby and loved the photos inside of all three.
    I enjoyed all the stories and Photo's.
    My collie Radar came from Almost Home Collie Rescue. I bet they would love it if you did a story on them.
    Check out their Face book page and see what you think. see what you think.
    I'll be looking forward to the April issue.