Niagara Falls...

... Or Niagara Vice, like mum said about this place!

I spent a week there and i enjoyed it, even if it's not the most dog-friendly place on earth.  If you're a doggie and you want to visit the city and see the falls, you have to do it very early in the morning or after dinner, around 8 p.m.  So i woke up my parents one morning at 6 am because i really wanted to see the falls!  Dad wasn't so happy about it but hey, a dog has to be the leader sometimes...

So, i went to the falls, i took a walk downtown, i went for a hot-dog, i saw dinosaurs and met a nice lady and a little girl who gave me lots of cuddles!

The highlight of the week?  We got to meet with Rae Ann, one of my Twitter friends who lives near by (@ragell)!  Mum and Dad were so happy to meet her! She is so sweet and funny and smart and she gave me cuddles!  She spent the night with us in the rv and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks so much for this great evening!

Here is the story of my week in Niagara Falls...

The Skylon behind me... 

Dad, i think someone is watching me...

Can i have one of those, please?

My favorite place downtown!

Mum took this pic from the Skywheel!

I'm in big trouble...

Dad played a game and he won me this snake! I love it!

I don't know where we're going next, so i guess this will be a susprise for all of us!

Take care! Love you!


  1. Wow, looks like you had an awesome time Lulu! I really want to go there too, looks like such a fantastic place! Can't wait to see where you go next :) xx

  2. The photographs are great! I'd love to see Niagara Falls.