This place is crazy!

Guys, if you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, let me tell you how it is.  Lots of human legs and i mean, lots of them!  Never seen so many legs in one place!  And i’ve never been so stimulated in my whole life by all the colors, the sounds, the odors!  Wow!

During the first five minutes, i got to smell pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, sweat, ice cream, fudge, coconut tanning lotion, pop corn, ...  It was crazy!  My nose still hurts from all that smelling!

We arrived yesterday and last night, i went for a walkie with my parents and guess what?  A dinosaur almost caught me in its mouth!!  When in Niagara Falls, don’t just watch for the falls, watch for the dinosaurs!!

We are very lucky because dad knows the manager of the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill, where all the action is, and he allowed us to stay in a quiet parking lot near the falls.  From my window, i can see the big Skywheel!

I also met a nice lady and 2 little girls who played with me, and some people from India took a pic with me!  Everybody  was wondering why they had their pic taken with me and dad said that’s because i was a famous doggie...

Tomorrow, i’m gonna see the falls.  Can’t wait to show you some pics!  Don’t worry guys, i won’t fall, i promise!  Let’s just hope the weather will cooperate because it’s been a little windy here...

Talk to you soon!

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