From a dog's point of view...

No, the burgers are not for me...

There are multiple of websites giving you advices on how to travel with a dog.  I know, mu mum read them all.  But i’ve never seen/read a website talking about that specific topic from the dog’s point of view.

I mean, if you’re about to travel with your humans, you should get all the dirt about what it’s really like.  Take it from a pal who traveled across 2 canadian provinces and 7 states.
It ain’t all fun.

Here are the facts my friends...

- don’t believe your humans when they tell you how comfy a harness is...
- you really think you’re gonna be able to drink and eat whenever you want?  Think again.
- peeing and pooping in a Walmart parking lot is a challenge, especially is you prefer grass...
- playing ball will be a thing you USED TO do a long time ago
- no, you’re not allowed to chase squirrels.  It seems like squirrel hunting is prohibited in a lot of states
- you will sleep a lot
- “Not now...” (need i say more?)
- when your humans will pack, don’t expect them to leave room for treats.  
- you will be blame for every fart in public places
- you don’t need all the fancy doggie stuff to travel because, well, you just don’t
- medication?  For what?  You sleep most of the time, how in the world would you injure yourself?!
- think you’re gonna be able to see and do everything with your humans?  That’s what they told you, right?  In your dreams!
- they will take your pic in the most unusual places (don’t ask...)

The greatest thing about traveling with your humans?  

You’ll be with them 24/7.  I’m no Martha Stewart but “that’s a good thing”!


  1. Hi Lulu, you raise some very good points-a harness is never fun for anydog! Love the pic and hope you got some of those tasty looking burgers! xxx

    1. Hi Rachael! Unfortunetly, i didn't even had a bite of the burgers!! Humans, pfff!