The adventure begins!

I cannot believe it!  I'm finally leaving for my road trip!

Today is a big day.  My parents and i are leaving our house and giving the keys to the new owner, hoping she's gonna take care of it and love it as much as we did.  We had a lot of fun there and the memories we built and shared will stay in our hearts forever.

But now, time to move on...

Our first week as nomads will be spend at my granny's house.  We still have a lot to do on our new house on wheels and mum has to buy a few things so, we'll stay there until June the 26th.  Then, we'll go see family in Gaspésie and tour the province of New-Brunswick.  After that, back "home" for the wedding of mum's godson on July the 20th and then, we'll be leaving for the US.

I don't know yet which state we'll visit first but it looks like we'll be going to Michigan and after that, the Keys! Oh Yeah! Can't wait to take long walks on the beach!!!

I told mum that we must go to Ohio to visit my friend Porter at Drake University and before going to Florida to see my friend Cyanna, we have to make a stop in Boston for Abby.  But don't worry guys, i'll make sure we stop in every state/province to visit all of you!  That means going to Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, ...

As i said on Twitter, i won't be able to post on my blog or chat with you guys as often as i did but i'll make sure that mum finds free wifi to give updates at least once a week!

Now, before i forget, a big thanks to my sponsor, Oven Baked Tradition, who is feeding me while on the road.  They are just awsome and i love them a lot!

So be safe my friends, i'll see you soon! Until then, a big hug to you all, nose kisses and licks!



  1. So happy for you, Lulu, and your mom & dad! Can not wait to read your adventures and, of course, to meet you! Love you, xoxo

  2. Good luck Lulu! I'm sure you're going to have a fabulous time on the road. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures :)

  3. OMD Lulu how exciting! Can't wait to see all the pictures and read all about it. But most of all to show you Chicago some day! Love Dolly

  4. Hi Lulu - Miss Marple here ! have fun on your adventures, ,I'm jealous! look forward to hearing all !
    Miss Marple X