The wait is almost over!

What a day!  

We've got some exciting news today and if all goes as planned, we might leave sooner than we thought!  So, being a very organized dog, i started my to-do list once on the road.  Wanna hear about it?  Of course you do!

Here are some of the things i plan on doing for the next year.

  1. visit as many furry friends and their parents as i can.  I met a lot of pals on Twitter and one of my goal is to meet them all!
  2. spend a day at Drake University with @DUPorterHouse the mascot and watch a game with him.
  3. have my picture taken in front of famous places around the States and Canada.
  4. write a book.
  5. eat a huge steak in Texas.
  6. visit shelters and talk about their great work here on my blog. 
  7. become an ambassador for all the rotties in the world.

Do you have any suggestions for me?  Any idea on what i should do or see?  

I'll be back later with the story behind the great news...


  1. So glad for the three of you !
    What an exciting spring !!!

    1. Hi Marie! very exciting indeed! Official news next friday (in a week!)

  2. Well you have to visit Chicago, that's a given, and me! My shelter, Wright-Way Rescue goes all over southern IL, and surrounding areas where there is no spay and neuter and rescues litters from high kill facilities. They are doing amazing work getting the word about this topic with low cost shots and clinics to stop the epidemic of unwanted animals in this area. Check them out in Murpheesboro, IL! Love Dolly

    1. What a great idea Dolly! I will certainly try topay them a visit! Thanks for the tip!