A sneak peek!

I'm really excited!

And i hope you'll be as excited because here is an official excerpt from my upcoming book! Isn't it cool?!

The book will feature short stories from my life as a small town dog, the people i've met over the years, the little mysteries going on with my neighbors, reflections on human nature and what makes life so interesting.  All that with a dog's point of view.

So, please enjoy this first glance into my world!


"Something very strange happened to me last night.

First of all, i must tell you that the Neurotic Freak - mum’s sister - paid us a visit during the day and i suspect her to have cast a spell on me.  The Lady is weird, really.  She eats grains and grass and if that was not crazy enough, she always travels with her guinea pig.  A punk named Peanut.  She says that he brings good vibes in her life.  I bet he does...

So the Neurotic Freak was chatting with my parents when, out of the blue, she started screaming like an old bat.  I thought that the punk furry rat might have pee on her lap or even better, bit a nipple.  No, she was just screaming her lungs out, gasping for air.  Mum finally calmed her down and the Neurotic Freak was able to explain - after emptying her glass of wine - that she felt something.

She felt something.  Duh...

I for myself could feel that dad was this close to kick her out of the house.

Without warning, she took Peanut, left him on the kitchen table and went for her card deck hidden in her purse.  As dad went to pick up the punk to put him on the floor, she promptly turned to him and shouted “don’t touch him! The Vibes! You’ll disturb the Vibes!”.  Oh Lord please help us..."


  1. You are going to be in your very own book!!!! How exciting! These excerpts sound quite intriguing! Let us know when it is out!

    1. If everything goes as plan, probably next week!