It's a sad day people...

It's a sad day people and i don't feel like playing...

If i could, i would probably pray, but since i'm a dog, i don't know if i can, i never tried.  I don't even know what religion is.  But i do know a thing or two about human nature.  And today, i'm very disappointed by human nature.

Some humans failed us all, again. They commited an heinous crime, something so horrific it's beyond words.  I won't blame it on religion or beliefs, since it would just be using words to describe something i know nothing about and that can't be explain.  

So i will blame it on human nature.  Which is way more scary than beliefs because it's unpredictable.  Human nature makes people snap and do things we can't begin to comprehend, even if we try very hard to.  Human nature will make people do things that will shatter our lives with just one little push on a button.  

The worst thing about human nature is, like i said to a friend yesterday, that we are already forgetting and getting on with our lives.  One single human will put our lives on hold for 24 hours and then, we'll go back to work, play, sleep.  The only thing that will keep our curiosity for what happened alive is the sheer horror of it, the gruesome images of the event.  People feed on these while drinking their morning coffee, talk about them over plates of enchilladas and argue if they should be allowed to look at them or not.  

What disturbs me the most is not the fact that people look at these images, but rather the fact that the photographers had no respect for the privacy of the victims.  Or what remained of it...  Do they really need to snap shot all these images to show the world?  Yes they do, because your human nature, people, asks to see the crude reality of it all.  You need to see to make sense of it all.

Well, all this didn't make sense 12 years ago and it doesn't make sense today, be it foreign or domestic. Violence is violence, wherever it comes from.  The impact on our lives is the same.  For a brief moment in time, we loose our freedom and we fear the unknown.  We come together as one because we realize that holding hands makes us stronger.  This is how we make a point. 

Trying to make a point by killing innocent people is just showing how coward you are. 



  1. My dear Lulu,
    I wish that I could explain human nature; I often find myself baffled by it. But, in painful times I do turn to 4-legged companions for inspiration and I'm grateful to read what you have written here.
    We each process these things in a different way, but I think it is healthy and powerful to share with each other how we process.
    I know you don't feel like playing right now, but when you do, I hope you will visit my blog post from yesterday. I wrote briefly abut Boston and about how I process and cope.
    Much love to you, Lulu <3

    1. i wrote with my heart... thanks Marcy! Just read your post and you're right, we have to make our little own world safe and protected from the ugly...

  2. Well said and my sentiments exactly.

  3. Ma pauvre Lulu, les humains sont vraiment de drôles d'animaux tu sais. Avec Max on adore Boston, c'est une de nos villes préférées de la côte Est. On en a le souvenir d'une ville calme et paisible avec des gens sympas. Quelle tristesse pour eux.
    Mais tu sais il ne faut pas être choquée si les gens reprennent le cours de leur vie, c'est naturel, ça s'appelle la résilience, c'est ce qui permet aux hommes de survivre à des expériences traumatisantes. C'est aussi un pied de nez ou un bras d'honneur à ceux qui veulent imposer la terreur.
    Courage ma Lulu,
    Une bise sur la truffe ;-)

    1. Bonjour Claire! J'étais vraiment triste de voir encore une fois la folie de l'humain... et je sais bien que la vie continue, mais c'est tout de même frustrant. Oui, l'être humain est vraiment étrange et difficile à comprendre parfois.
      Nous aussi aimons beaucoup cet endroit, c'est désolant pour eux mais au moins, fidèles à eux-mêmes,ils se tiennent debout devant l'adversité.
      à bientôt