Strange things that can be seen on the road

The other day, someone asked me “besides all the beautiful places, what were the most funny (or strange) things you saw so far?”

Well, i’ve seen a lot!  You cannot imagine all the crazy things people will place on the side of the road!  Here is an overview of the funniest - and weirdest/saddest - things i saw in the USA...

Most of these pictures were taken in the desert - California, Nevada and Arizona.  The desert is THE place where you can find very unusual things... If you’re not afraid to stay under the sun with nothing in sight, except you own shadow...  Creepy!

Before you go on, let me warn you: there is a picture here that you might find offensive.  I hesitated before publishing it but then, after much thought, i decided to go on and put it on the blog.  Why?  Because this is the real deal my friends.  We cannot close our eyes when the picture doesn’t please us, we have to face reality.

Have you ever seen weird things on the road?  Please share them with us!

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  1. I bet the desert is a really good place for weird things! There are all kinds of weird things here in Austin. The city's motto is "Keep Austin Weird"... thanks for stopping by again today Lulu!