Something new!

2013 is almost over, so i've decided that it was time for me to make some changes on the blog.

To be honest with you, i was a little bit bored with this simple look and i needed to spruce things up!  And since i really like all things vintage and old school, i told mum that this was the new look i wanted for my blog.

The transformation is not completed yet.  I still have to work on my header, decide if i'm gonna put a picture behind the title, maybe change the colors, ...  It's an ungoing process and i hope it'll be done by the end of this year so i'll be able to start 2014 with a new "branding"! (Wow, i speak like a web expert! hahahaha!!)

Seriously, i thought i had to offer something different for my readers.  You already noticed that my blog is not your typical doggie blog.  Exception made for my sponsor, i don't advertise - unless a company offers me to and i believe very very much in their product.  I don't offer top advices on how to train us, how to feed us or how to groom us.  Others do that way better than i do!

My niche is very specific: a dog traveling the world with her parents.  So that's what i'm gonna talk about.  I want it to be entertaining, fun and sometimes informative, in case you guys convince your humans to do the same!  There is so much to say about what i've seen and did and learned while on the road!  And the best is yet to come!

I really hope that you'll appreciate all the changes and that you'll come back to visit often!

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  1. Found you on BlogPaws! Wanted to come by and introduce myself! I'm Ruckus the American Eskimo. Come say hi! BTW great pics of Utah. Artistic quality