Strike, skunk and a birthday

The Woman Strike is finally over!

Don't ask me why, but the Woman in my house went on a strike after reading my last post about the monospouse.  Which is why i haven't been on for a while.  She took my computer and hid it in a closet where i couldn't reach for it.  The Man in the house said that i asked for it and that i should apologize to her.

Hmmm... Does she apologize for her behavior?  My point, exactly.

Anyway, i managed to give her cuddles and she finally let me sleep in the big bed with her.  The Woman is desperate for some attention...

By the way, it's the Woman birthday today.  She's 45 - the new 30, according to a Twitter friend - and besides being a lil wrinkled, she's not bad for an old lady.  She uses the flat iron to smooth the wrinkles - great tool, really.

The Man and i were talking about her gift the other day and i suggested a muzzle.  I thought it was a pretty good idea since the Woman needs to be tamed and honestly, it's the next best thing.  After a gift certificate for free spaying.  The Man said it was a really bad idea, saying that we both wouldn't get our treats for at least six month.  Not that i care for his treats, but mine... so we settled for a Kindle.  Keeping her busy reading would give us some room to breathe.


On a more funny note, spring is finally here.  The skunk said so.  Not the groundhog.  The skunk.  Believe it or not, we now have a famous skunk here in Quebec telling us when to look for daffodils and tulips.  Heard that on the news this morning.  Things you learn listening to the radio, so useful...

Looking out the window, i knew i shouldn't trust the animal that had the nerve to pee in my face last year.  (For your information, tomato juice doesn't work.  Nor does vanilla extract or whatever your vet tells you to try).   So, like i said, never believe a skunk telling you that spring is here.  It just wants to play nice to get out from under the patio and wet you all over...


The Woman and the Man are going out tonight for her birthday.  Of course, i'm not invited.  Said that i couldn't go because i might get crazy with the all-you-can-eat...


  1. Bon anniversaire Martine !


  2. Hahaha! Free spaying certificate that is hilarious! We have a Twitter movement going to jail that rotten groundhog. We got snow coming tomorrow. Regarding the skunk incident, please pardon my blatant advertisement but mom works for Bobbi Panter Pet Products, Bobbi makes an all natural dog shampoo called Stinky Dog that can remove skunk in one wash. Really. It uses an all natural vegetable protein, I rolled in a bit of poo the other day and she had to use it to ge the nice smell, I mean stink out. Love Dolly or Facebook page

  3. Lulu, you really make me Bol, and mamma Lol! Happy Birthday to Martine! I hope you got some cake, Lulu.