Grabbing technology by the paws!

Oh dear...  Whenever i sit at the computer with mum, i always wonder if i’m doing the right thing.  I mean, i love to chat with my friends on Twitter - and because of Twitter, i let down my friends on FB.  So i went back on FB a few days ago and, you guessed it, i started to let down my friends on Twitter.  Of course, being on Twitter - and on the road - made it difficult for me to write.  So i let down my readers on my blog.

What’s wrong with me?  Or is it me, really?  Or is it the fact that there is too much out there that a dog cannot follow the flow?  Which is more important?  The blog?  Twitter?  FB? All of them?

So... I took some time off and just surfed to see what was going on on the web.  And i kept asking myself this same question over and over again.  What is more important?  Being on the web?  Communicate?  But how to communicate?  And what do i have to say?  And should i say it?  How?  Where?

Ok, i need to see a professional...

Anyway, the thing is that i didn’t know what to do.  So, after much thoughts i’ve decided to keep the blog, keep the Twitter and keep the FB.  I have no idea how i’m gonna able to do everything but i’ll try!

Blog will be for long posts about everyday life and on the road adventures.

Twitter will be to chat with my dear friends and let them know what’s going on in my life - not that my life is THAT interesting but...

FB will be for pics, status, just for the fun of it.  We’ll see where it goes from there.

Have you ever wonder about your presence on the web?  Do you feel like the web is overwhelming to the point of not having a life anymore, except on the web?  What is your main purpose for your presence on the web?

THAT is a good question...

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