The Story of a Famous Dog

That's it! I make the leap! After sharing for a long time a blog with Yves and Martine (too long to be honest!), I decided it was time for me to stand on my own.

Why? For fun, to share my ideas, to demonstrate that even though I am a Rottweiler, I am also a very very good dog!

However, I have a real bad habit: I'm a little lazy. So let me the time to build this blog to my pace, just enough time to put some meat (and I really love meat!) around the bone.  I assure you that we will have fun together here!

What's the difference between me and the others dogs? The answer: I'm now preparing to leave my cozy home to go on an adventure with my masters on the world's roads.  It might be fun!

If you like, you can also follow my adventures  by subscribing to my Facebook page or my Twitter account. You just have to choose in the tabs above.

That's all for now, Folks!  See you soon!


p.s: that's me on the picture...  Not bad for a female!!!

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